Services & Programs

Customized health & wellness coaching programs. Individual and family. Pantry makeovers. Grocery store tours, meal prep, and more!


functional medicine

health coaching

One on one sessions 

Make long lasting lifestyle transformations that are based on your bio-individuality and personal goals. Find out more.



Family Coaching

Fun for your whole household

A cohesive plan that meets the needs of all the individuals and the family unit as a whole. Find out more.


Pantry Makeover

A clean, healthy start (in-home session)

Ever gone through your pantry to check and see what might have expired and found boxes and cans of things you forgot that you had? Become more mindful of what they are buying and eating. Find out more.


Meal Prep

Take the headache out of cooking (in-home session)

Just as healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive, it also doesn’t necessitate slaving over a hot kitchen stove while the rest of the family is out having fun! Find out more.



Grocery Store TOur

Identify healthier options (in-store session)

Let’s go on a tour of your favorite local grocery store!  This one-hour coaching session is designed to not only take the headache out of meal prep during a busy week, but also identify foods that will help you reach optimal function, energy and focus. Learn to identify foods that will help you reach optimal health.Find out more.



A healing journey

A Japanese technique to reduce stress and promote relaxation, Reiki also stimulates healing. Find out more.