Services & Programs

Whether you need one on one coaching and personal support, meal prep lessons for your family, or a community workshop to help your friends and neighbors lead a healthier lifestyle, I have a plan just for you! See the full list of services and programs here.


individual coaching

Make long lasting lifestyle transformations that are based on your bio-individuality and personal goals. Find out more here.

Meal Prep

Just as healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive, it also doesn’t necessitate slaving over a hot kitchen stove while the rest of the family is out having fun! Find out more here.

pantry makeover

Ever gone through your pantry to check and see what might have expired and found boxes and cans of things you forgot that you had? Become more mindful of what you are buying and eating. Find out more here.

grocery store tour

Let’s go on a tour of your favorite local grocery store! Learn to identify foods that will help you reach optimal health. Find out more here.


Schedule of Events

Health & Wellness Workshops

I am available to present various workshops to your friends, church, and corporate groups. For a list of topics or to talk about your group’s goals, send me a message on the contact page.

Health & Wellness, Essential Oil, Lavender

Benefits of essential oils: Guest Lecturer JANE smith

Health & Wellness, Meditation

Meditation Retreat

Health & Wellness, Relaxation, Bath Salts

MAKE YOUR OWN relaxing bath salts; Workshop

Health & Wellness, Stress Relief, Stress Reduction

A Talk on The importance of Stress Relief

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind, and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality
— Earl Nightingale