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Family Coaching 

Fun for your whole household

Achieving goals together as a family can be both extremely challenging and incredibly rewarding. When working with a family, who has both individual goals and needs for each member as well as group goals, I sit down with each member one-on-one to identify their goals. Similar to individual coaching, these goals may be anything from weight loss to stress and fatigue management to allergies. It truly is unique to the individuals in the family. Once we have identified the individual needs, I bring everyone together to make a cohesive plan that meets the needs of all the individuals and the family unit as a whole.

Here are some examples of family coaching sessions:

• Address various allergies within a family to allow for easier meal prep and shorter time in the kitchen

• Healthy lunch ideas for work and school

• Family cooking classes in the home for both kids and adults to bring the family back to the kitchen

• Do a Pantry Makeover

• Take a Grocery Store Tour