Health Coach, Rena Ooi

About Rena

My mission is empowering and supporting my clients, walking alongside and guiding them on their personal wellness journey.

An RN experienced in most medical specialties, I became fascinated by the role of nutrition and holistic healing when faced with my own health challenges. By implementing diet and lifestyle changes, I eliminated pain, fatigue, and a host of auto-immune conditions by identifying food and environmental triggers. During my personal journey to wellness, my passion for helping others and empathy from my own experiences led me to a new dream – marrying my education and knowledge of conventional medicine with my personal experiences and further education in holistic, integrative nutrition.

Since becoming certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have been walking alongside and empowering clients through their own transformations. Continuing my education is a passion of mine and I enrolled in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

In addition to coaching with Turning Your Leaf, I am also the founder of David’sDream Foundation.


Healthy Diet Meal Prep
Health & Wellness Meditation Yoga
Health & Wellness Group Programs

Group Programs & Guest Lectures.

I love the support system of positive peer pressure that comes from conducting workplace group programs. Stress-reduction and fatigue are topics that often accompany weight-loss when properly addressed, and she is able to facilitate these sorts of programs in a variety of office and classroom settings.

Rena is a guest lecturer in the Vanderbilt summer programs on topics such as healthy eating and the effects of sugar/sugar substitutes on the brain and body.